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Wedding Cake Stands

Tier Cake Stand - Stacked Cakes Tier Cake Stand - Stacked Cakes

The Single Plate Separator, designed for easy setup and priced for one time use. Eliminates pegs or wooden dowels.

Available in 12 different plates ranging from 6" diameter to 18" diameter.

Using the SPS system assures ease and accuracy in centering and supporting cake tiers. Supports all tier heights and can also be used for stacked cakes.

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How to Display Your Wedding Cake

After finding the photo of the wedding cake of your dream and discussing the ingredients with your cake designer the final step is to think how you will display it on the big day. The following tips will help you display your wedding cake at all its full beauty.

  1. Find a Cake Stand

    Did you know that the right cake stand is the secret weapon to hear your guests saying ooh and aah over your wedding cake? What is the sense of spending so much time and money on amazingly beautiful and delicious wedding cake and just leave it on a table. A cake stand will add the perfect finishing touch like a beautiful frame to the picture.

  2. Use the Right Size Cake Stand

    To achieve that picture perfect look like in a wedding magazine make sure your wedding cake stand is either the same size or a bit larger than the bottom tier of your cake. If you plan to add decorative elements such as flowers to your sweet masterpiece your cake stand should be even bigger. Keep in mind that the right cake stand makes smaller cakes look bigger. You can use this simple trick when you are on a budget.

  3. Take into Account the Size of Your Cake Board

    A cake board is used to lay your cake on and make it easier to deliver to your wedding venue. Your cake designer should make sure the size of the cake board matches your cake stand.

  4. Adorn Your Cake Board

    There is nothing worse than a naked cake board sticking out from the bottom of a cake. Have the cake board decorated to match your cake or incorporate the cake board into the bottom tier of your cake.

  5. Location Is Important

    It is important to choose a killer location for your cake. It is going to be on display all the time during the wedding banquet so make sure it occupies a central place in the dining room.

  6. Choose a Cake Table That Fits

    Another thing not to be missed is choosing the right table for your cake. The table that is too big will make your cake look tiny. If the table is too small your cake can accidentally be knocked down and completely ruined.

  7. Highlight Your Cake

    You can draw attention to your wedding cake by placing a spotlight on it. Just keep in mind that the light should not be too hot not to melt your cake.

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